When Babe Doesn’t Pick Your Call

Bursting with excitement, Natasha dialled her boyfriend Kennedy’s line, she needed to tell him this news!

On first try:

The customer you are trying to reach is not answering- please call back later

Second try:

The customer you are trying to reach is not answering- please call back later

And then the third try…

and fourth…

Can you feel her heart sinking?

Hun, in your preparation towards marriage, as trival and as simple as this may seem, its been laid on my heart to remind all that, babe won’t always be available to pick your call at the exact time when you need him to but there is someone who will always be there to answer when you call and that’s God:

“He will call on me and I will answer.” (NIV Psalm 91:15)

For some who may have entered and re-entered relationship after relationship, you may be so used to always having someone there to share your thoughts with that you have not come to that point of learning to share your thoughts, prayers and joys with God. So in your bid to always have someone you believe will always pick up when you call, you always find yourself in another relationship.

Perhaps with you, you are thinking, as for Kennedy, he will always answer my calls, once we get married he will never be too busy to miss my call. While that is all well and good, sweetheart, you need to remember that:

#1; he’s human

#2; You need to understand that there’s the need for you to first of all, call on God.

Let’s take Queen Esther as an example. Out of all the women in the land, the King chose her! I mean, she had soooo much favour with him that it was obvious to all who looked upon them that the King wouldn’t want to leave her presence. Yet for 30 days she never heard nor saw him!

“- I have not been called to come to the King these thirty days.” (Book of Esther 4:11)

I imagine that she was walking around sad and depressed that she had used the iPhone or samsung of her day to reach him and yet he wasn’t answering because he was caught up in other things. Yet God had to remind her that, he was the one she had to call upon first.

Who are you relying more on? God or babe?

Who are you sharing your every thought with? God or babe?

Who are you calling on day and night? God or babe?

If the latter, then you have to check yourself. Why rely solely on a man that can fail you when there is a God who can answer you even before you call?

Before they call I will answer, while they are yet speaking, I will hear (NIV Isaiah 65:24)

Calling upon God is sure to give you one of the best conversations ever; God has good vibes too-

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know (NIV Jeremiah 33:3) 

Quit calling on your past

Quit calling on your mistakes

Instead press on to win the prize of the upward calling in Christ Jesus!

I love calling my babe more than any human being on earth but I need to learn to call upon God even more.

In your preparation season, I beseech you to do same,

Jesus Loves You and I Do Too,

Queens in christ,

Ann Adu-Darko❤️


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