Already Made

“Ginny are you going to get some material to sew your dress for the wedding?”

“Me? Nahh… I like already made.”

Already Made.

Isn’t it sometimes fun to just walk into a shop and find that the dresses are already made in your size?

"Ginny are you going to get some material to sew your dress for the wedding?"

Isn’t it time saving when there isn’t the need for you to go looking for fabrics, scissors, colourful threads and the likes just to get the dress you have in mind; all you have to do is simply browse through the clothes rack and voila!- there you have it!

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always come out this way.

Although God’s plan for your life is ‘already made’, its your duty through His word to live it out.

While trying my hands on a few designs as I like to do in my free time:

While trying my hands on a few designs as I like to do in my free time

I thought to myself how I wish the dress could easily materialise before me. But I had to understand that it takes a process to cause this dress to become as I have envisioned it.

In the course of this Queen Esther Preparation journey, the Lord impressed on my heart how much people take the season of preparation for granted. More often than not, we are expecting to be ‘already made’ into whatever dream it is we have and end up sorely disappointed when we find we are not a match for our dreams.

Why didn’t God cause Esther to meet the King the minute she entered the palace? After all, surely He must have known that it was Esther who will be chosen.

Yet, instead he caused her to enter into a season of preparation for twelve months! And caused Hegai (who can be viewed as the Holy Spirit) to teach her the ways and manners of a Queen.

Before a young woman’s turn came to go to King Ahasuerus, she had to complete twelve months of beauty preparations prescribed for women, six months with oil of myrrh and six months with perfumes and cosmetics (Esther 2:12)

Don’t mock seasons of preparation, Queen.

Especially don’t mock anyone, even a man, who comes to you and doesn’t seem to have what one will take as ‘already made.’

The same way Ginny wanted an already made dress (not that there is anything wrong with that) is the same way most of us are saying, “No- I want a job that already has benefits that will cause me to have 3 million in my account in a week.” or “No, I want a man that already has a house, a car, an 8 figure salary…”

Theres nothing evil about those desires but more often than not, men who have that have women behind them who stood with them when they had nothing.

Perhaps he may not be driving that sleek car, or have that title that causes other women to flock after him, or have words as smooth as honey but my dear when you stick to him in faith in Christ Jesus, you will receive a finished product that would amaze even you!

Quit looking out for an 'already made' man; we are all being perfected in Christ Jesus!

Quit looking out for an ‘already made’ man; we are all being perfected in Christ Jesus!

Look to Jesus who has your future “already made’!

Jesus Loves You and I Do Too,

Queens in Christ,

Ann Adu-Darko❤️

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