Sprinkle A Little Romance

Now don’t think so far fetched when it comes to the issue of romance-

Please don’t think in terms of anything lustful.

Romance, for luck of better word here in this context is simply the art of igniting affection or love.

I can imagine someone scratching their head when wondering how at all to be romantic. I imagine someone getting anxious of just how much they would have to spend;

  • the reservations!
  • the food!
  • The transportation and what have you!

Well, hold up-

There’s not much to it really.

The Bible is filled with people in love! Songs of Solomon is a perfect example of why being romantic is an easy lifestyle to live. How about the story of Jacob??? He served for fourteen good years before getting the hand of Rachel and how about Ruth? Her story was so think with passion that she and Boaz had a very short time of courtship and then married.

S0, instead of overthinking what to do the next time you meet bae, don’t think to meet behind closed doors and fall into sin.

Instead, why not try something out doorsy, eh?

Why not stuck up a basket, drag out your old bedspread and go for a picnic? Why not take a hike…


Find a good spot in the shade, where the rays of the sun smile on you…

Unload your meal- it doesn’t have to be a five star hotel meal; homemade works just fine…

Toast (non-alcoholic)* to the beauty all around you and bless God for it…

Take a stroll and draw in the peace of a flowing stream…

Don’t look forward to a marriage that is drab and dreary.

In this Queen Esther Preparation Journey, seek to ignite (romance) your love/affection with Christ Jesus.

Just as it says in Songs of Solomon;

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me is love(ESV Songs of Solomon 2:4)

When you accept this love, it is bound to set you free:

Jesus Loves You and I do too,

Queens in Christ,

Ann Adu-Darko❤️













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