Skeletons In The Marriage Closet

“Why didn’t you tell me?!!”

These words were yelled across in the honeymoon suite of the freshly wed bride and groom; Jonathan and Marjorie.

Still wearing their wedding attire, they shot a glare at each other across the room, fuming at each other because of the secret that had just been revealed.

A secret neither had bothered to tell the other before they said I do.


I’ll bet you are wondering what secret it was that has caused this couple to be so mad at each other; well, I can’t tell you because this is entirely made up, hahaa…

But let’s just take a moment to view the scenario of Jonathan and Marjorie, shall we?

More often than not, people enter into relationships with suitcases full of skeletons only to allow it to take up closet space.

In this season of preparation, you may be planning on certain crucial things to never tell your spouse.

What good is that though?

First of all, skeletons represent dead things. So why cherish a dead thing? Your closet in this concept represents a secret place of your mind or heart. Hence, keeping a dead situation in a secret place of your mind or heart is not wise.

Whatever skeleton it is you are hiding from your future, it is dead and hence it needs to be chucked out into the open from your closet- from your secret place so that you can receive a thorough cleaning by the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps, its an addiction you have told no one about?

Or a secret you have nurtured since childhood?

Totally understandable! Queen Esther hid the secret of her nationality from her King all through her marriage and until she was threatened by Haman (who in this case can be considered as the devil) she let it out in the open; thereby bringing about the deliverance of the Jews!

Letting out this skeleton in her closet saved the Jews!

So don’t allow the devil to allow you to brood over secrets which really are dead situations of long ago!

Don’t allow Bae to keep wondering what it is you are hiding from him:

Work hand in hand with God in this season of preparation and clean out your closet.

So that like David boasted in Psalm 27:4-5 you also can boast of God being your secret place.

If you have anything in your closet, open it up to bae by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus has the power to breakdown and clean out a closet full of skeletons:

Be empowered in Him.

Jesus loves you and I do too,

Queen’s in Christ,

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  1. Hello, I love coming across your posts on Joy 99.7 FM. You remind me of Lady Rev Adelaide. I am always blessed by it. Keep up the good work, woman of God🙌🏻

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