“You don’t need money to marry.”

“You don’t need money to marry; you need divine provision.”

You don’t need money to pursue that dream or job; you need divine provision.

You don’t need money to begin that ministry; you need divine provision.


Allow me to take you to a wedding happening in Cana which might better elaborate this point…

“Today is your day, Rose! It’s going to be excellent!” said Rose’s mum excitedly, fluffing her daughters hair underneath the veil.

Rose said nothing, biting her lip.

“What’s wrong?” asked her mum, peering at her.

“I am nervous. We don’t have enough and father has gone to invite everyone in town-.”


“- Mum. It’s not like we have enough money to take care of everyone. Our guest list is not even impressive! None of them can give a fat monetary gift. Neither is anyone going to splurge money on me like they did at Cassia’s wedding last time.”


“Look at the kind of guests attending! Mary? You said yourself that it was rumoured that she conceived before she married Joseph! And how that has made her an outcast- how can an outcast be at my wedding!”

“- Rose, that’s no way to-.”

“- to what mum?,’ Rose was not finished, “- and that son of hers, the one she claims was not fathered by Joseph but rather by the Holy Spirit- what’s his name again, Jesus right? – that son of hers is also attending! I’ve heard he’s making people follow him now. No doubt its a cult-.”

“Rose! Behave yourself! We may not have enough and we may not have the money to do things the way you wish but you need to snap out of it and enjoy the fact that you are getting married to a good man.”

Rose nodded belatedly.

At the wedding reception, Rose’s fears (which were long forgotten because she was having so much fun from all the dancing and from being with her newly wedded husband) returned when she heard the servants (who were her cousins posing as servants for the day), whispering about the wine running out.

Her heart sank, knowing that they were not even half way through the wedding yet to have run out.

Unknowing to her, amidst all the jocund dancing and cheers, Mary saw Rose’s change of mood. Determined not to have an unhappy bride, Mary set out to find her son.

“There you are! I have been looking for you.”

“Hello, mother.” said Jesus getting up from the table with his disciples to greet his mother with a grin on his face; always happy to see her.

“They have no wine.” said Mary, straight to the point.

“Woman, what does this have to do with me?”

Mary started to explain-

“My hour has not yet come.”

Mary shook her head, determined not to take no for an answer. She called some of the servants to her.

“Do whatever he tells you.”

Jesus looked to the skies, fighting the urge to sigh and murmur, “Mothers…” (lol)

One of the servants spoke up, “If you give me money right now; I can hurriedly go to Seba town and buy some wine. Its cheaper there and plus its not too far away. I should be back in 2 hours-.”

He then said to the servants in all simplicity, “Fill the jars with water.”

The servants looked at each other. One muttered underneath his breath, “… he must be crazy…”

Still, they went ahead and did it; filling it to the brim.

“Now draw some out and take it to the master of the feast.”

They did.

The master of the feast put the wine to his lips and looking back at his goblet in amazement, he called to the bridegroom and said to him, “Everyone serves the good wine first and when people have drunk freely, then the poor wine. But you have kept the good wine until now!”

Rose, sitting beside her bridegroom blinked and calling to one of the servants, she whispered, asking fervently, “What happened?”

The servant, still stunned by everything, could only say the first thing that came to mind, “Divine provision.”

Rose looked up then and saw Jesus amidst all the shouts, cheers, laughter and dancing that was going on. Instantly she knew it was Him and she mouthed, “Thank you.”

All this narration is elaborated from the Book of John 2:1-11. Grab the scriptures and read it whenever you doubt God’s provision, Queen.

I believe strongly in Christians creating wealth but more than that, I believe in God’s divine provision.

His divine provision can grant you an idea that can turn into a billion dollar company.

His divine provision can cause others to cover the cost of that ministry, dream, job or venture you set out to do.

God divinely provides favour.

He divinely provides Grace.

He divinely provides mercies.

In this #queenestherpreparation journey, don’t believe in bae for provision but believe in God.

If you set your focus on God; it is He that will bring provision all through the course of whatever you are pursuing.

Many ministries, businesses, marriages have started with nothing yet it is the divine provision of God that has brought them through.



Just as He did for Queen Esther, He will do for you.

It is well with you.

Jesus loves you and I do too,

Queens in Christ,

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  1. Ann Adu-Darko
    Ann Adu-Darko
    Ann Adu-Darko
    How many times did I call you?
    Ann you are deep.
    Too deep.
    You sound like Lady Rev Adelaide❤️

    1. Hahaha!
      Extremely humbled
      Love her🙏
      All Glory to Jesus!
      I pray you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts😊

    1. Indeed you are!
      This is inspired by your story!
      God bless you
      All Glory to Jesus!
      I pray you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts!😊

  2. I think you should write all the stories in the Bible in this same fashion and put them up for sale🙊. I’d gladly read this to my 6 year old daughter for her to appreciate this story like I’ve done now. “Idea for divine provision” lol.
    Thank you Ann!
    God bless you!

    We want more!!!!!😩😩💃🏾💃🏾

    1. Hahaha,
      This brought me so much joy!
      “Idea for divine provision though”🙌
      Amen to all!
      God bless you too!
      I pray you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts!😊

  3. Ann….You know I have a testimony to this provision right?
    Divine Provision
    Divine Provision
    Divine Provision…
    When the time is right, you and I will make it known

    1. Yessss🙌
      And God is going to blow your mind even more than you think with His divine provision; in Jesus name, Amen!
      I pray you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts!😊

    1. I am glad it brought you joy!
      All Glory to Jesus!
      God bless you too
      I pray you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts!😊

  4. I always have chills when i read your writeup…. Too powerful!!

    God bless you graciously Ann for yielding to write#QEP

    1. God bless you too!
      May the good Lord shower you with divine provision in Jesus name, Amen!
      I pray you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts!😊

  5. God bless you Ann. This is personal. Abi you know *wink*. #DivineProvision
    P.S: I agree with the gentleman who said you sound like Lady Reverend Adelaide 😎

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