“Tick-tock goes your biological clock.”


“Joana got a job at JP Morgan!”


“Cynthia has began planning her wedding!”


“Dwayne just bought a house!”

Tick- tock

“Chantey is getting married!”


“Your junior from High School has started her masters and will go on to get a doctorate!”


“Gurrrrrl, Shaquana and her husband have kids now!”


Tick-tock, tick-tock goes your biological clock.

Every time these informations are given to you its almost as if they rather want to ask you, “- AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Take heart. The world constantly reminds you of the clock of your life span.

In this #queenestherpreparation period, the Lord constantly reminds me not to be concerned with what others are doing. Every Queen is unique to her own self.

Did you get that?

Every Queen is unique to her own self.

Further, He asked to pose this question to women; “Why be so concerned with your biological clock when you serve the Author of Time???”

You serve the Author of Time and He alone knows when you will be crowned, Queen.

He alone knew when Esther will be crowned queen! I’ll bet Esther was frustrated at times during the 12 months of preparation. She may have wondered, “Why all this preparation? When do I meet my king?? I want to meet him now! Am I not prepared enough??” Thank God she carried on with the season of preparation that God laid out for her.

As our clocks are different; so are each individuals life timing.

Today the Holy Spirit is urging me to encourage you on this #queenestherpreparation; be it towards your dreams for this life or the knight in shining armour you are yet to see; believe God for greater! Elizabeth was righteous before God and yet she was barren for a long time before God opened up her womb to birth John the Baptist. See what Jesus Himself said of John the Baptist:

Truly, I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist (NIV Matthew 11:11)

Wow! It appeared the clock of Elizabeth was ticking and yet when finally she ‘tocked” (haha) see what she birthed!!! A greater than!

Could it be that perhaps it looks like you’ve been delayed but yet God is bringing that king your way? Could it be that God allowed Elizabeth to be barren because when she finally birthed He knew that hers will be so significant that it will bring him MUCH GLORY??? Much glory is coming your way, Queen!

Take heart.

You serve the author of time who knows the right moment to bring two clocks that are ticking in perfect synchronisation together at the right time.

Jesus loves you and I do too,

Queens in Christ,


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