“Words like honey.”

Your  words will set the tone of your home, honey.

That’s right.

Your words will determine the atmosphere of your home.

Meaning, if you are on this #queenestherpreparation journey with me, there is the need for you to prepare your tongue to speak good things over your marriage, vision and future always.

Let me tell you a revelation the Holy Spirit gave me about men last night as I craved to have oats with honey (instead of processed sugar since its healthier) to break my fast.

You know the story of Samson in the bible?

That buff, strong, sweat rolling down his six pack, can tear down the doors to the Gate of the City of Gaza with his bear hands, Samson?

Well, you see, in all his strength, one thing Samson craved for was this-


Then Samson went down with his father and mother to Timnah, and they came to the vineyards of Timnah. And behold, a young lion came toward him roaring. 6Then the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon him, and although he had nothing in his hand, he tore the lion in pieces as one tears a young goat…. “…… And he turned aside to see the carcass of the lion, and behold, there was a swarm of bees in the body of the lion, and honey.” 9He scraped it out into his hands and went on, eating as he went…” (ESV Judges 5-6&8-9).

Yup, even Samson craved honey such that scripture shows as that he fought with this lion and got it. He yearned for that sweetness. After that, it was clear he was still searching for that sweetness so guess where he found it? In the tongue of Deliah!!!

Thats right!

Your man, that is your spouse or future spouse will always look forward to coming home to you when you give him sweetness with your words.

It’s unfortunate that Deliah didn’t recognise that this strength could be used for good and instead she used it for evil.  She was crafty with how she phrased her words. If she had realised this strength, she could have built Samson up with her words and that could have given him enough confidence to even become King over the Philistines!

In your #queenestherpreparation, prepare to use the honey of your words to lift your king up and not to tear him down:

21 The wise of heart is called discerning,

and sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness. (ESV 16:21)

Don’t take on the negatives of Deliah and start nagging your Samson to his downfall. Instead, lace your words with sweetness. As I write, I am led to realise that some may not have been able to hold a relationship together because they do not know this truth. Telling your beloved his inefficiencies all the time will make him long to be with someone else.

Queen Esther knew this, so instead of just going like, “Hey, its me, your Queen. This is what I want you to do for the Jews; so just do it.” she knew the sweetness of words so instead in addressing him,  she referred to him as, “My king… if I have found favour in your sight…”

Doesn’t that just melt your heart?

Prepare to address your beloved properly. Whether it is bae, or hun… lace it with sweetness. I will call my beloved, king, and I know that melts his heart.

Even King Jesus, the King of kings, when we lace our words with sweetness of our faith in Him is always moved to draw closer.

Just as honey is golden, let your words be Golden.

Jesus Loves you and I do too,

Queens in Christ,


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  1. Hi! I’m writing from New Zealand. A friend shared this post on our women’s ministry group on WhatsApp. This is fantastic!!! I nvr hrd the story of Samson used this way be4! Wisdom right here! I am in on this queenestherpreparation!!! All Glory to sweet Jesus!

  2. Indeed the sweetness of the speech increaseth persuasiveness. A different perspective on words. I’m blessed. Thank you

  3. Our words should build and not tear down! Holy Spirit help me use my words to build up others around me most especially my KING!

    God bless you Ann!!

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