Prepare to be Pruned

I think I have only ever concerned myself with the word ‘preparation’ when it came to examinations or tests I had to take at school. It’s usually been when I am facing a psychology test or mathematics exam that I hasten myself to prepare to ace it. However, when it came to this Great Test we are all taking, which is called life; I have realised that I haven’t been very particular about preparing myself to ace the test.

Preparation simply means getting ready.

What are you getting ready for in life? What dream has God placed within you and how are you getting ready for it? You have a dream to be a novelist; have you started putting down your thoughts into that book? Have you started getting ready to be that lawyer? That inspirational speaker? Millionaire? Billionaire? What is it you are getting ready for?

When God first started to tell me to get ready for marriage; there was no one in sight. It was even funny because sometimes a friend will call and when I am doing something in relation to preparation towards marriage; I’d say, “I am queen esther’ing’, when I saw nothing in relation to marriage and no prince in shining armour to whisk me away on his white horse.

Preparation is faith, sweetheart.

Preparation is faith.

Did you get that?

Preparation is Faith.

Preparation is you getting ready for something in hopes of receiving the outcome. You need faith to do that.

This blog is not for people looking to have what they want before they believe.

Its for people who don’t see what it is they are hoping for and yet they are willing to work and make themselves ‘ready’ for it.

See, the picture I have featured in this particular post? See how lovely the gardener shaped the flowers in my home? That’s how God is willing to prune you hun. Preparation prunes you. In the course of preparation; you learn the habits to drop and the habits to pick up.

Prepare to be pruned.

Even as you are preparing for marriage or that job or that contract… what habit needs to be pruned? That is, what habit needs to be cut off or curbed away or shaped out of your life?

Anger? Hard headedness? A, me me me attitude?

Prepare to be pruned.

Pick up your Bible and allow the word of God to prune you.

  2Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit. (ESV John 15:2)

Allow yourself to be shaped up to His Glory.

And find yourself put in shape, as you get ready for all that God has for you.

Prepare to be pruned to rise to the Queenship God has bestowed on you.

Jesus loves you and I do too,

Queens in Christ,

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  1. Preparation is faith. Preparation is faith. Preparation is faith. Yes, i finally got that. Thank you soo much, this blog is blessing me in ways you do not even know.

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