Just as I began my #queenestherpreparation (I began mine a month and a half ago) the Lord ministered to me the need to detox.

I can hear someone say; “Really? God asked you to go on a lemongrass and moringa tea detox?.”


Not quite.

But a detox from all things negative.

A detox from negative thoughts.

A detox from the ‘can’t do attitude’

A detox from dead situations (things of the past of which you can’t do anything about)

Detoxing means to simply cleanse or rid one’s body from toxins or unhealthy substances. When it comes to the physical body; I normally slice lemon into water to detox. Quite recently; I received the lemongrass/moringa tea as a gift and I have been using it ever since as a detox. You can get your own set ‘here’.

The spiritual state of mind is another area all together where we must guard diligently. You have to be intentional about what it is you listen to… or what it is you allow to get to you. Detox yourself from past mistakes; queens rise; queens don’t crouch through life. You’re asking; what does detoxing have anything to do with preparing ones self to fulfil destiny or to carry out plans and purposes for being on this earth. Luv, if you are unable to rid yourself of the things that prevents you from activating your truest potential, seldom will you reach the height of queenship you are meant to reach. I’ll bet that thoughts like-

“You are an orphan.

You can never be Queen of Persia.

You are a Jew.

There are so many more women in this beauty pageant; how can the King choose you.”

I’ll bet these thoughts plagued Queen Esther’s mind before she was crowned Queen. What did she do? She didn’t allow it to weigh her down. She remembered the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and knew He will come through for her. She detoxed her mind from these thoughts and rose to claim her crown.

So, If there is anyone I know, who gives the best detoxification; it is Jesus Christ:

17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. (ESV 2 corin 5:17)

Embrace the new. Allow God to cleanse you from past failures and press on towards a higher calling in Christ Jesus.

I am glad to say that in addition to detoxification; I have been soda free for the past one and a half months:

One and a half months may seem like nothing but thats progress in my books and I am determined to carry this through out my preparation period and even after my King Ahasuerus comes and whisks me away :). Care to be soda free? Join in on this #queenestherpreparation.


Jesus Loves you.

Queens in Christ,

Ann Manu.

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  1. Wow, this is awesome. God bless you as you have heed to his voice to do this. I believe it’s going to be a great journey. Love it!

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